Griddle game for word game players

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Free online word guessing griddle game. The game's objective is to correctly name the secret word. Isn't that intriguing? Sign up for Griddle immediately to avoid missing out on great chances.

In the game GRIDDLE!, when determining how to play each roll of the dice, in addition to taking into mind the odds, you must also take into consideration the playing style of your opponent. Because of this, playing the game with a second player may be a taxing and thrilling experience, one that will appeal to players who enjoy games like backgammon and others that place a similar emphasis on strategy.

When you mix an American Football theme with a unique time management method, you get a clean, crisp, "non-sports" game of strategy and chance without endless chart referencing. In other words, you get a game that is clear, crisp, and "non-sports."

The "sports gamer" and "non-sports gamer" in everyone will love griddle game!, even if no prior knowledge or terminology of American football is required.

This job requires you to balance offensive and defensive tactics while tracking time and dice probabilities to outscore your opponent.

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