FOTO: Z dojenčico sta vso porodniško potovala okrog sveta

Londončana Karen Edwards in Shaun Bayes sta šokirala svojce in prijatelje, ko sta naznanila, da bosta, s tedaj šest tednov staro deklico začela potovati po svetu - vse do konca porodniške. Oglejte si njihove fantastične utrinke.

FOTO: Z dojenčico sta vso porodniško potovala okrog sveta (foto: Instagram Travel Mad mum) Instagram Travel Mad mum
11. 2. 2016

Karen Edwards je bila, že davno preden je imela otroka, navdušena nad potovanji. Ko je bila deklica stara šest tednov pa se je mlada družinica - namesto, da bi se zavila v svoj dom, kjer so lahko dnevi porodniške zelo naporni in za mlade mamice v osami, po neprespanih nočeh in v povsem novih rutinah pogosto tudi zelo depresivni- odpravili na pot okoli sveta. 

"Ljudje so mi rekli, da tega nikakor ne morem narediti, Da tega ne morem početi s svojim otrokom. Zakaj ne? Vse, kar je drugače, je to, da smo potovali počasneje in da smo potovanja prilagodili otročku," je na svojem Instagram profilu zapisala Karen. 

Deklica je tako do svojega prvega leta videla več sveta, kot ga mnogi vidijo v celem svojem življenju, ob tem pa je bila obdana z ljubeznijo svojih zadovoljnih staršev, ki so ljubezen do potovanj zagotovo prenesli tudi nanjo. Oglej si njihove čudovite utrinke, in če te zanima še več, spremljaj blog Karen Edwards, kjer deli nasvete vsem staršem, ki jim, kot pravi sama - nikakor ni treba nehati potovati zgolj zato, ker so postali starši. Ravno nasprotno. Z otrokom se prava dogodivščina šele začne! 

So excited to let you know I have my travel blog up and running. Please check it out at This day next week we leave New Zealand to embark on a seven week backpacking trip through SE Asia with our ten-month old girl. Needless to say, many people think we are a wee bit nuts to do so much travelling with a baby. Whilst our friends without children funnily feel the opposite. Classic comments so far include: “So good your not letting your baby rule your life” “My friend can’t even go for lunch but the baby is loosing his …. for a sleep” I guess from my perspective this backpacking trip is going to be quite different to the one I did when I was 25, young single and care free!..I think she will rule it, well a bit anyway!… All I want to try and do is incorporate her into our way of life. We both love travelling and can’t see why we should stop or change our lives. I am confident the different sites, smells and sounds will stimulate all of her senses. She gets stir crazy just as much as I do when we sit around the house for too long so I am sure this can only be good for her. Time is closing in on us, so we are trying desperately to get all three of our belongings for the trip into ONE BACKPACK!! Yes just one. I have to say not one person I have spoke to believes we can manage travelling with one backpack. I really want to prove them wrong (awful personality trait) so I must do it! I have a few tricks up my sleeve which I will share later, not many, so on that note: What are your magical tricks for travelling light and compact?? #travelmadmum #backpacking #travelingwithababy #southeastasia #excited #travel

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I am so glad the erupting volcano did not stop us from getting to Bali. The sporadic spews of ash over the last week had been bringing air traffic to a halt. Luckily we were not affected! This place provides a sensory overload for any adult, child or baby. How can I take you here without actually being here? Imagine: The burning smell of incense everywhere you go. This seems to make me feel automatically very relaxed. The perfect warm temperature. Unless you exert yourself too much, making it the perfect excuse to take it easy and have a couple of the local bintang beers. The beautiful beaches with perfectly formed waves. I, the person that does not put there head under the water, very badly attempted surfing today! Needless to say I was tossed around like a rag doll by the waves. So I have a bikini that fits fine and also had my hair tied up. However , no matter what, I consistently emerged from the water with one boob out and hair all over my face. Haha.. How do these surfer chica's always look immaculate? Luckily I was hollered to my baby watching from the sideline that had just woke up and felt the need to intervene with the chaos going on in front of her eyes. The beautiful Balinese people. Their warm smile and friendly attitude. They seem to just LOVE baby's. The food is just so yum! An explosion of lemongrass, lime, spice and all things nice is how I can explain it simply. My biggest concern about travelling through these countries with a baby was related to the food. Especially as she is extremely fussy and egg allergic. What the hell would she eat? I can safely say she has eaten more over the last two days than ever before. Our small selection of toys have become null in-void. Instead she is being stimulated by the hustle-bustle of the narrow cobbled streets, the local people waving and showing their affection, the beautiful scenery and endless activities. Here's to another eight days in this awesome place. #travelmadmum #travel #baby #travelingwithababy #backpacking #amazed #bali #balibaby #padma #bintang

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Six countries, eleven flights, countless hotels, log cabins, sun, storms, typhoons, ocean, beaches, snorkelling, surfing, water taxis, ferry's, river cruises, high speed rail trains, hiking, biking, scooter rides, cable cars, rice terraces, marble gorges, waterfalls, forests, jungles, monkeys, kangaroos, emu's, koala bears, snakes, temples, Hindu festivities, buzzing cities, skyscraper viewing platforms, character filled towns, markets, tailors, cobblers, massages, soft play, street food, oodles of amazing restaurants, some of the best food I have ever eaten, a few buckets loads of beer, not so much wine, a few arguments, stressful losing my shit moments as well as some of the most amazing memories of our very young little three person family all contributed to this experience. I don't want to say it is once in a lifetime because I really hope that's not the case. But for now it's time to put on a bra and stop living in hippy colour prints, get out the warmer attire and teach our little girl what it is to live in a house with a normal cot, not a travel cot, well for a while anyway! Feeling excited I will finally get to make a nursery for my her after we sort out the damp in her room

Very sad to be leaving Ubud today. Nestled in the heart of Bali's jungle it has so much to discover and explore. It is a nice place to be with a baby. We visited monkey forest and wandered around beautiful rice terraces hidden behind the bustling streets. The streets are littered with little shops selling colourful dresses, scarves and harem pants (proper mum attire), beautiful home furnishings and much more. So many nice places to eat, it is ridiculously affordable for good food. There is definitely a hippy vibe going on as it is a big hub for yogis. There is an abundance of places to practice. This is the only activity I feel I missed out on because of clingy baby.. As you can see she likes to stay close! Turned out to be quite helpful as not a great place for a buggy. If you are thinking of coming to Bali, I highly recommend Ubud. Now for the next part of our adventure .. Nusa Lembongen Island here we come .. #travel #travelingwithababy #travelmadmum #adventure #backpacking #instagood #instatravel #picoftheday #instapassport #holiday #jetset #travelgram #wanderlust #familytravel #livingthedream #baby #babywearing #bali #ubud #indonesia #jungle

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Oglej si še, kako so obleke z modnih pist videti na zvezdnicah.

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